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  • Translation of technical and literary documents


  • Simplified and certified translation.

  • Translation services for companies and individuals.


We propose:

> excellent quality translations> respect for the agreed deadlines> competitive prices




The knowledge of foreign languages is currently a key tool for accessing employment in EU countries. In order to learn how to speak a language correctly, you should have a permanent contact with it and that's what we provide in Ana Honrado - Traduções & Explicações.

Customized courses, as well as practical ones, which allow the trainees to develop the necessary skills for an easy and simple communication.


Ana Honrado - Traduções & Explicações  specializes in proofreading technical and literary documents and our services are addressed both to companies and individuals.


After acceptance of the values. Payment must be made in full.



We have (voice-over)  "talents" to carry out any type of voice-off, in Portuguese or in other languages. We conduct the recording in a studio, in different formats, with recognized talent voices in this area.


          Sign Language


We work with qualified, experienced and credible professionals, because we believe that this way it's possible to respond with honesty, ethics and deontology to the expectations and needs of our customers.The company works with professionals of Portuguese Sign Language. We have professionals with adequate characteristics to the needs of each project, and that allows us to perform and complete the work in a professional manner.

             Telephone Interpreting


Our interpreters provide high quality interpretation services in areas such as business, technical, commercial or advertising for all kinds of business environment.

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