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The expertise of Ana Honrado - Traduções & Explicações are important for the development of your business.

About us


Working since 2007 as a freelancer, Ana Honrado opened an office in 2015 in Seixal. The team hopes to meet the requirements of national and international companies, which need quality services at an affordable price. The company has a strong connection to the Brazilian market. Nowadays, quality at an affordable price is still our motto.



                  We are APTRAD (Portuguese Translators and Interpreters

                  Association), members subscribing to its code of ethics and APT                   (Portuguese Association of Translators).




Ana Honrado has a degree in Translation from Catholic University of Portugal, completed in 2007. Completed a Law workshop on the Lisbon Faculty of Law and a Post-Graduation in Hospitality Management, as well as a Workshop in E-Learning Training and Project Management, having finished in 2019 her PhD in Translation and Interpretation at BIU, among  other small workshops.

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