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Frequently Asked Questions


Before hiring the services of any company you should make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you know the service you are going to acquire. We have highlighted a few questions and customer issues. If your question has not been answered please contact us.



1-  How long for a quotation? Is it a free service?

All the documents are quoted according to the number of words of the source document, it is a free service.


The translation/proofreading will be delivered on schedule and respecting the formatting of the original document. You can choose to send us the file:


by e-mail (in the format: doc or pdf)

by post


You have to pay the total when deciding on getting the services.

In order to prove the quality of the service, the customer may request the sending of the work before settling the entire bill.


It is essential to send by email a copy of the payment proof.

The invoice will be sent by email before payment.


Payment must be made by bank transfer/check/PayPal OR via Western Union transfer (for foreign customers).



2 - My documents are confidential?

All documents are considered confidential.



3 - With which languages do you work?


We work with ALL the languages of the world. Ask us for a quotation today.



4 - What are the prices?


For more information about prices, please send us an email requesting an estimate or visit us at our offices in Seixal.



5 - What are the subjects and schedules for the tutorings?

In Ana Honrado - Traduções & Explicações, we specialize in training courses and tutoring, concerning tutoring we cover all subjects related to languages from Primary School to High School, about 2 to 3 hours/week, our training courses concern languages (children and adults) level 1 - Beginners to level 3 - Intermediate.


Please check our E-Learning courses page


For prices and more information, visit us at our offices.

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